Christine Richard, Amerijet International Airlines

Christine Richard, Amerijet International Airlines

Director of Marketing

As Director of Marketing for Amerijet International Airlines, Christine Richard is responsible for the airline’s global brand, public relations and trade/market data analysis. Christine is also responsible for product development and pricing, and oversees Amerijet’s customer contract rate management.

Since joining Amerijet in 1992, Christine has held responsibilities in Flight Operations, Strategic Planning and Marketing.  Prior to joining Amerijet, Christine was employed by the US Department of Defense where she was responsible for the coordination and transportation of military equipment within Europe.

As a member of the Beacon Council for Miami-Dade, Christine participates in promoting the local Trade & Logistics industry education and training programs.  She is also an active member of Pharma.Aero sharing the vision of achieving excellence in reliable end-to-end transportation for pharmaceutical products.


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