Jeroen Janssens, GSK Vaccines

Jeroen Janssens, GSK Vaccines

Senior Manager, Vaccine Distribution & Cold Chain

Jeroen Janssens, Senior Manager Vaccines Distribution & Cold Chain at GlaxoSmithKline, has more than 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, whereof 10 with GSK Vaccines. He started his career in the quality assurance department with responsibilities for warehousing, distribution and cold chain for several pharmaceutical companies. After 9 years in QA, he spent 2 years at the Engineering department and 3 years at the Center of Excellence for Cold Chain within GSK Vaccines before moving to his current position within Global Vaccines Supply Chain. He is a Subject Matter Expert for cold chain supporting the global network of manufacturing and distribution sites with his technical expertise.


Pharma’s place in the supply chain

Discussing how pharma shippers engage with their supply chain partners today, and whether that may (or must) change in the future. Can the industry succeed in becoming more open to transparency and collaboration (both amongst their competitors and with their logistics partners), while keeping a competitive edge?