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Anyone who has had successful eye surgery will know the incredible impact that radically improved eyesight has on a person’s quality of life. Unfortunately this amazing opportunity is not so readily available across Africa, Asia and Latin America, yet 75% of visual impairment can be avoided or cured. In fact, visual impairment can lead to a person being denied access to education and being an economic burden on their family. Remedial treatment gives them an opportunity to realise their full potential and make a valuable contribution to their family and community.

Orbis uses a McDonnell Douglas MD-10 as a Flying Eye Hospital to bring treatment to patients and training to eye health teams across those regions. In addition, the training is a legacy. After the aircraft has departed, local medical personnel have the increased skills and knowledge to continue the good work.

This combination of aviation and medicine makes Orbis the perfect choice for FlyPharma.

Read more about Orbis’s work in an article published in Aircraft Cabin Management: